Monday, 20 July 2015

The awesome

Top: Padini (Similar-ish here) | Skirt: ASOS (Similar here) | Shoes: Charles & Keith (Similar here) | Clutch: DKNY (Similar here)
Sunglasses: ASOS (Similar here) | Earrings: Vintage (Similar here) | Bracelets: Old (Similar here and here) | Rings: Old and vintage (Similar here and here)   

I would like to announce something.


I know I'm biased and it might seem rather egotistical but I think that you should think you're awesome too. It's important to have self-confidence and to re-affirm your beliefs of awesomeness because that breeds positivity and hopefully that positivity will be spread to those around you. With all the bad juju out there in the world, wouldn't it be better if we could share the awesome and spread it around?

Maybe you're having a crappy day - you spilled coffee down the front of your white dress, you tripped on a non-existent crack in the pavement, you got attacked by a clown, whatever it is, you're having a poo-day, I urge you to think about the awesome things that you do, no matter how small, because those small things all add up and make you awesome.

My affirmations today from small to big:
  1. I am awesome because instead of taking the elevator, I walked 5 flights of stairs. Exercise complete.
  2. I am awesome because the jerkwad driving ahead of me cut into my lane abruptly then proceeded to drive really slowly but I didn't go absolutely bananas (I only swore once!)
  3. I am awesome because I completed a project in a swift and effective manner. (Fingers crossed I didn't make any mistakes!) 
  4. I am awesome because for the first time ever I feel like I've got my life in order.
  5. I am awesome because I am loved and I have love to give.
Also, my coke light recognises my awesomeness. 
True story
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