Thursday, 23 July 2015

The fix

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BREAKING NEWS: My toe nail has healed.

Remember when I told you I had the super disgusting toe fungus of death? Well, I don't have it anymore so I would like to confirm that Fungus Fix works (YAY and PHEW cos that shizz is expensive). I know it's kind of hard to believe since I didn't show you a before pic and now here's a pic of a seemingly normal toe (can't say the same about the owner of said toe. Who in their right mind takes photos of their toes and puts it on the internet???), but just trust me. It works. Previously, the toe nail was discoloured and had a big yellowish-whitish-disgustingish blob on the nail bed. After applying the stuff to the nail bed (I would squeeze a drop where the nail meets the skin on the tip of the toe) consecutively for about 14 days, the fungus started going byebye... But how you might ask?

My toenail started breaking off at the bit where the fungus was, then the fresh unfungusy part continued to grow until it became the normal toenail you see here today. It's all very scientific and I shan't bore you with details but I was surprised because I thought it would just kill the fungus but I guess the nail itself was dead and had to go.

And now, some tips to prevent nail fungus so you won't have to go and spend $40++ on fungus fix.
  1. Be clean - wash your hands and feet regularly. 
  2. Stump those nails - keep them short and dry
  3. Deal with sweat - if you have sweaty feet, wear absorbent socks 
  4. Don't pick - as tempting as it is, stop picking at the dried skin around the nail bed.  
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