Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Hello? It's popsicle calling.

Dress: Sheinside | Shoes: Aldo (Similar here) | Bag: Charles & Keith | Sunglasses: Pieces (Similar here)
Rings: Old (Similar here) | Earrings: Old (Similar here) | iPhone case: ASOS (Similar here

As per my usual pattern of obsessive behaviour, when I like something, I REALLY like it. In this case, it's cellphone covers for my precious iPhone 5S. While I'm not really utilising my smartphone the way it was intended (basically for all facets of life, not just making phone calls), I love love love to dress it up in little outfits. I love silicone phone covers because I'm a huge klutz and they offer bouncy protection, but they're also usually whimsical and cute and sometimes really stupid so that gets the YES I WANT treatment any day.

Clearly I have a problem
Cellphone covers can range from pretty expensive to really cheap depending on where you shop. I think physical retail outlets might jack up the prices since they have to pay rent and being the avid online shopping expert* that I am, I have some recommendations if you're looking for quirky cellphone covers that will make your phone seem even larger than it really is but also cuter so I think it's worth it.

This is totally my face when someone says something awkward. That someone is usually me. Pic from here
I'm going to custom make a Nacho version like this and then they can play! Pic from here
That's so meta. Pic from here
For when you need help with your evil ways, call your friends. Pic from here
Or when you need help defeating evil. Pic from here
I've not ordered from the sites mentioned in the pictures above but I have ordered from TVC Mall and AliExpress and have been satisfied with their products and services so you can consider them as they have tons of phone cases for a variety phone types.

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