Monday, 10 August 2015

Nation building

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I love my nation - I'm proud to call myself a Singaporean and I think the nation deserves the best so with that in mind, I wrote this post...

While crazy stuff isn't new in Singapore, it certainly causes quite a stir each time. Singapore is a melting pot of different cultural practices and norms, it's a city nation which is teeny tiny but bustling with people of all races and religions, backgrounds and principles, and while this means we're super diverse and have a variety of flavours (yum!), we're probably also still figuring out how to adjust to and live with one another. With the advent of social media, EVERYTHING is recorded and basically we should seriously either a) live in fear of the extreme invasion of privacy and never leave the house b) embrace it and become a social media superstar (like moi hahahaha riiiight) c) stop being a jackass.

Need proof of the crazy?

Angry man + Vulgar t-shirt on teen = BOOM

Sometimes you just gotta go....

The noble Samurai?

OMG what the hell there is a blog dedicated to people being aggro to one another. I can't even. 

Thankfully I've yet to be involved in anything unpleasant in a public space (aside from the time I saw an old dude pull out his weiner on the bus) but honestly, I kind of live in fear that somehow my actions are going to be misconstrued and I'll lose my job or worse, have angry netizens dig up my personal details forcing to me to get chased out of the country.

Obviously, in the above mentioned scenarios, it's pretty clear that these perpetrators aren't really doing themselves any favours. Seriously, not being a total buttwipe is the first step to not angering others so here's are my handy charts to enable you to better navigate the treacherous waters we know as our society.

On a bus or a train

Just generally being out in public

Obviously it's easy to make a joke out of bad behaviour and here I am being all preachy but the truth is, I have my own inconsiderate behaviour to change. I'm quick to anger over small things like people cutting into my lane when I drive, but I think true change comes from within and I want to effect positive change by just not being a giant turd and I invite you to do the same, one bus/train ride at a time!

Thanks for reading!

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