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Shirt: ASOS (Similar here) | Shorts: Padini (Similar here) | Bag: Mango (Similar here) | Shoes: Charles & Keith
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Whenever I've got to attend a wedding, I use the fact that I'm going to be taking lots of pictures as an excuse to pamper myself and get my hair done. Even a simple wash and blow feels like a little luxury and in the wise words of Donna and Tom, 'TREAT YO SELF'.

Prep is a great place to get your hair styled because that's pretty much what they specialise in. It's super convenient to get to because it's at Mandarin Gallery, in the heart of Orchard Road, but the mall itself isn't super crowded so that's awesome for people like me who are allergic to crowds.

The cozy store has space for about 8 people (I think), and they give you good coffee and chocolates!!! 
I had two bowls of chocolates mmmmm
My favourite bit (aside from seeing the va-va-voom hair at the end) is the hair washing. As a kid I used to find it really ticklish but DAMN IT'S GOOD once you get into it. 
Sleepy after a good head rub
The owners are really gorgeous and friendly (probably also because I'm acquainted with them from school days but they are friendly la just trust me) and the staff are all quite experienced. From my recent visit, my stylist Thomas told me that he was previously from a salon in Bugis and that the way stylists get jobs involves them 'auditioning' by being in the salon and working for 3 days and in those 3 days they're basically being tested. How stressful! But I guess they've gotta be confident and show that they know their stuff.
Check out those guns. BANGBANG.
Me after the magic has happened, with the magician!
The products they use are quality stuff... Redken doesn't come cheap man. And Thomas was really liberal with the hair spray because I told him I basically ruin my hair within an hour of getting it done, possibly because I get drunk and end up doing some mad dancing.

Anti-spray face protection. V glam.
My least favourite part of the process would be the part where I fork out cash. Although ok, the past few times I've been, my super generous friend Angie has been paying... I'm not sure why she's so generous, I'm pretty sure she's not from this planet. 
Overall it's a pretty quick process, 40 minutes from start to finish, which is pretty much about as long as I can sit semi-still. My hair looks gorgeous and I wish I could come here every day. 
Shades because I'm a rockstar. (i've got epic eye bags lah)
So the team recently opened a new outlet called Prep Luxe at the newly renovated Capitol building and they offer a larger suite of services beyond styling so you should check it out if you feel like getting a haircut. I think they also give you champagne as you get your hair done so that's always fun and is a great place to throw a drunken hens party/pampering session.

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