Sunday, 2 August 2015


Dress: Shein | Shoes: Velvet (Similar here) | Bag: Charles & Keith (Similar here)
Earrings & Ring: Gift from aunty Karen (Similar here and here) | Sunglasses: Pieces

I've mentioned before that growing old is tough. For two weeks now, I've been plagued by lower back aches and I think it probably has something to do with my sitting posture and general lack of strong musculature. In a bid to combat this, I've started attending a body toning class at A&J Creative Danceworld where I've got to do a bunch of exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, crunches, etc. My first class was horrendous, I kept falling over because my wobbly thighs just couldn't take the pain and my muscles have been so sore even walking around is terrible and I resemble a waddling duck. So obviously I'm horrified with how unfit I've become and I'm probably going to be obsessive about it and try to become the she-hulk now. 
Fitness aspirations via Comic Vine
What doubled my horror was that I used to be really fit. When I was in school, I could do several pushups (not the cheater version but the real one) and now I can maybe do one and a half.  
The struggle is real via here
Anyway, I really hope I can see some improvement in my overall body tone and also maybe the pain will go away. I urge you to try body toning because misery loves company.

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