Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Ain't no mountain high enough



Dress: Shein | Shoes: Velvet (Similar here) | Bag: Gracious Aires (Similar here)
Earrings: Gift (Similar here) | Ring: Jessica Buurman

I really hope you sang the title of this post when you read it. Sister Act was the bomb. I guess I'm suddenly thinking about mountains because my dress has a mountain printed on it but more importantly, because I just purchased my first pair of trekking shoes!

Sweet-ass new pair of shoes
Come late September, I'll be running around the Dolomites in my sweet-ass new Columbia hiking shoes. If you recall, I went to Yosemite last year and went hiking up a pretty awesome trail. I did so in my Nike track shoes but after the two days of intense walking, my shoes pretty much gave up on me (not that my Nikes weren't good, they had already been through a lot of my stinky feet action over the course of 3 years).

I didn't want to put my cool new Nike flyknits through the same ordeal since I still like to jog in them, so I bought these new shoes. They're not exactly very pretty but they feel really sturdy and supportive. I'm not sure why they don't make chio-er hiking shoes (LIGHTBULB! Business idea!!) but these are not too ugly right?

Anyway, the boo was buying a new pair of soccer boots at Queensway Shopping Centre so I tagged along and I ended up buying these for what I think was a steal - $110. The retail assistant told me that I need to break them in so I guess I'm gonna be stomping around for awhile. I wonder if I could get away wearing them in the office. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, even a noob hiking enthusiast knows that good shoes make a huge difference so I thought I'd share what I know so far. Also good for your consideration if your budget is even tighter are these shoes that Nic recommended. She says they are cheap and good, as are many of the other shoes on the site, apparently. Now I'm kind of wishing I hadn't bought mine on a whim because man these Quechas are cheap!!! Plus I trust Nic's expertise in shoes because she is really a pro in comfortable footwear and doing actual research before making a purchase.

Oh well. Thanks for reading!

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