Wednesday, 28 October 2015


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Where has time gone? It's nearly the end of the year! Also, wasn't I just sixteen yesterday? WHAT HAPPENED??? 

So recently I've been daydreaming about my dream home of the future. Being the ultimate planner, I've got it almost all planned out except for the part where I pay for it. DAMMIT. 

I've visited a whole bunch of showflats and actual flats (is there a different way of referring to them?) recently and here's what I've learned about house-hunting:
1. Interior decor really makes a difference and I'm really easily fooled by nice furniture.
2. Apartments are tiny these days but also really really really really really really really expensive. 
3. The windows in showflats are 'for show only'. 
4. Real estate agents like having long pinkie fingernails.
5. Asking questions like 'hey is that other flat across the road cheaper?' will not get a desirable response.

I'm so grown up. 

Anyone have any apartment hunting tips? Or actually, more importantly, does anyone have any tips on how to make a ridiculous amount of money in a very short time without having to sell one's soul or body?

Thanks for reading... Now give me your money.

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