Monday, 12 October 2015


Top & Skirt set: Chicwish | Shoes: New Look (Similar here) | Sunglasses: Pieces (Similar here)
Brooch: Etsy | Earrings: Vincci (Similar here) | Ring: Vintage (Similar here

This cute gingham set makes me nostalgic as it reminds me of my kindergarten uniform. I was trying to look for a photo of me in my uniform but the photo cupboard is just insane and in no order so I gave up because I'm lazy. I just took one offline although I recall that in my time it had a little bow on each side and also was sleeveless. 
None of these children are me. They look too happy to be me.
I was sooo popular in kindergarten - I had one friend who only wanted to be my friend on days when the other kids weren't being friends with her. She would loudly announce that she's 'NOT MY FRIEND' on those days when she had better options. Trouble was, our helpers were friends and they'd bring us to Macdonalds after school sometimes and on those off days, she would literally ignore me. What a giant flaming turd. But being angry at a memory and at the folly of a child is really stupid so let's move on. 

I think however, that I did have a boyfriend then... I don't recall his name but I think he was Eurasian and wore spectacles. We'd go to the caged windows at break time... (Hey Newton Kindergarten, why the hell were the windows caged???? Were we being held captive??) and we would hold hands and count the buses going past. I think sometimes there could be up to 4 buses. DING DING DING WORLD RECORD MUCH??? 

Other than that, the memories are pretty sparse... I was a penguin in a school musical, and I fainted once during assembly (and got to go home so that was awesome), and I think I would sometimes see a boy in the class next to mine that was separated by a bookshelf and we would smile at each other. So basically, in summary, I had no friends, possibly because I was really boy-crazy, and I found really simple things joyful and memorable. 

How wonderful those simple times were. I miss it so much. What were your fondest memories?

Thanks for reading! 

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