Monday, 2 November 2015

Did someone say biru?

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The last post on my recent trip... I promise!

Before flying back to Singapore after our Italian hiking expedition (this makes it sound way more rugged than it really was), we stayed a night in Munich and we went to Oktoberfest! For the unitiated, Oktoberfest is basically a boozy carnival, with food, drinks (beer), rides and games. Kind of like a Disneyland for adults.

Debauchery starts here
We stayed at a hotel called Hotel NH and we took a short bus ride to the train station, hopped on a train, then walked a short way to the venue. Driving wasn't encouraged as there's nowhere to park and it's super crowded. Munich's train and bus system seems really well organised although a bit strange because it seems to work on some honour system, like they don't have gantries so technically you can get away with not paying. This was so strange to me because Singapore is all rules, taxes, fines whereas Munich is like 'yo it's cool man, I got ya'.

The hotel.. Meh
Anyway. OKTOBERFEST! There are tons of tents, each with their own unique style and audience demographic. But when I say 'tents', I don't mean like small plastic flappy marquees, I mean like serious makeshift buildings. They cater to a few hundred to thousands of people so they're serious business with huge kitchens, washrooms, a stage for some kind of polka band, and massive pillars supporting the whole construct.
Pretty intentse wouldn't you say? Hurhurhur
Inside the tent

As advised by everyone and every single site ever dedicated to Oktoberfest, if you don't make a reservation, and don't find a table, you are screwed. You can do what we did - go in at about 2.30pm on a Thursday, and try your luck. We found a place and were seated immediately but after eating, we made the mistake of leaving to walk around and by evening, all tables at every single tent was taken and we couldn't do dinner. OOPS. Good thing I had stuffed myself pretty much the whole day so I didn't need to eat anymore.

Unfortunately, I'm not a great drinker, so I couldn't even finish my own and I was pretty tipsy after 15 minutes. Lame. But the food... OMG. Amazing. We had roasted chicken and pork knuckle and it was divine! 

This is the face of a drunk person
The rest of the day, we wandered around looking at things for sale (knick-knacks, Oktoberfest souvenirs etc), snacking (sausages, pancakes with jam, more chicken and fries), watching people go on scary rides and totally lose their shizz, and checking out all the tents. The tents are really well organised considering it's a boozefest, and the staff are super efficient. Attendees are from all over, I heard several accents from around the world, and everyone seemed to be having a super time. As the day wore on, people obviously got more sloshed and then we did some drunk spotting. 
Queen drunkzalot spotted
Byebye Munich!
Oktoberfest was quite the experience, and even as a non-drinker, I still enjoyed the atmosphere and vibe. I have to commend the Germans for such a well-run event (complete with amazingly clean toilets!) It was a lovely way to end a busy vacation. 

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