Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Top: Chicwish | Skirt: Chicwish | Clutch: Tangs (Similar here) | Shoes: Prada (Similar here)
Sunglasses: Pieces (Similar here) | Earrings: Vincci (Similar here) | Ring: Gift (Similar-ish here)

Who doesn’t love a little schadenfreude now and then right? I was reading some posts by my second favourite blogger in the world (the first is me, DUH) and it was all a bunch of people who had tweeted her with their own embarrassing stories. Since I’m basically a walking lump of embarrassment, I thought I would add on to the list with my own horror stories as my gift to you this Christmas. Ready to cringe?

The time I fell off the stage
It was my secondary 4 graduation dinner (kind of like prom but only for the graduates of our all-girls school) and I was onstage. I didn’t realize the back of the stage and the wall did not connect, I took a step back… And fell off. I couldn’t get up so two of the girls onstage had to hoist me by my arms back up where I had to remain till the end of that segment.

The time I let my bras go flying… with bonus second time
I was going through security before boarding the plane and the airport security thought he saw something dangerous in my bag so I unzipped it for him to poke around. When he was satisfied with his search, I somehow thought he had zipped up my bag, so I lifted it up and all my clothes tumbled out, with my bras being dumped right on top of the heap. I was frazzled so I stuffed my clothes back in and then like a real freak, lifted my bag again without zipping it and this time I swung around so basically my clothes flew all over the floor. Another security officer had to help me put all my stuff back in, unceremoniously handing me my boring beige bra. 

The time I thought I was cool shit
I was walking to my seat through the aisle of the airplane and all these people were staring at me so I naturally thought, I must be very very very ridiculously good-looking today. One man stood up to talk to me and I thought, omg I’m being hit on on a plane. He leaned over and whispered, excuse me, your blouse is undone. And indeed it was. The button right at my chest was undone exposing my chest to everyone on the plane.

Ok that’s enough laughing at me for today. Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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