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My sister Mousie came back for the holidays and as part of our sisterly bonding, she arranged a facial for both of us at her regular facial therapist when she's in Singapore - A Confidence. Ok it's pretty chingchongcheenapiang sounding but they use Guinot products and speak in good English so let's get past that. 

There are 3 ladies who run the place:
  • The elderly proprietor whom I shall refer to as Momma 
  • The daughter of Momma
  • The lady who may or may not be related but was in charge of slathering my body with oil and massaging it. I'll call her the Masseuse.
My sister had really sold me on the various facial activities that would happen but I really wasn't prepared for such an experience. We went to this small little shop in RELC and were ushered into the back room by the Daughter. The back room is basically one larger room, separated by curtains. Inside the room were Momma and Masseuse, sitting in wait to apply various liquids to my face. 

I was told me to remove my top and lay down. I'm not shy so I just took it off, bra and all, but it was kind of strange to be removing one's clothes in front of 3 strangers who were just sitting there, looking. 

Momma then started the facial and I'd like to describe it in full details but honestly there were SO many applications of so many things that I actually lost count. Also, I had some kind of wet tissue placed over my eyes so I couldn't see anything and had to just experience various sensations.

Some notable moments include: 
  • The vibrator for my eyes. Yeeeeaaaah I know how that sounds but I don't know what it was, but they placed it above my closed eyes and it was vibrating. 
  • The steamer which would suddenly eject warm steam to my face which was actually quite pleasant but it made me giggle because I wasn't expecting it
  • The extraction which the Daughter did for me and was the most pleasant extraction I've ever had because normally it feels like I'm being attacked with a needle.
  • The zapzap machine which was like two metal spatulas being rolled around my face while giving very very slight static shocks. It wasn't uncomfortable and it was so light I wasn't sure it was actually happening or whether it was my imagination.
  • The squid.
I have to go into detail about the squid because it was hilariously weird. There were 4 strips of what felt like a heavy squid being laid on my face. It was room temperature and I guess it was like a mask of some sort, then the Daughter (I think) started rolling some kind of super cold rolling stick (maybe) thing over the squid which would actually make the cold go through the squid and feel like liquid nitrogen was being applied to my face. 
Anyway, during the entire facial, the masseuse was giving my arms and legs a massage, and after massaging each limb, she'd apply a warm liquid that felt like it had bits of wet tissue paper in it, then wrap the limb in plastic. Strange but also quite relaxing. 
Momma asked me if I fell asleep at any point during the facial but I definitely didn't because there was just so much happening and I'm pretty sure I felt like how a baby first out of the womb feels, like omg what is this what is that is this real life what is going on???? 
After all these experiences, I'd say my skin looks not bad, although I don't think I have bad skin to start with. The treatment, as a first timer, cost about $60 with an additional cost for the leg massage (Mousie treated so I don't know the actual cost). It's generally pricey, but it's a 2 hour non-stop experience session for about $120 I think so not too shabby if you hate facials where they leave you in a cold room with a mask on your face and you're left to only your thoughts. 
Good to consider if you feel like normal facials are just too run of the mill or if you feel like you need to know what expensive cold squid on the face feels like.
Thanks to Mousie for the treat and to A Confidence for giving me the confidence to strip in front of 3 strangers, and for you, for reading all the way to the end!

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