Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Dress: Borrowed from Mousie (Similar here) | Shoes: Beverly Feldman (Similar here)
Bag: Charles & Keith (Similar here) | Ring: Borrowed from Mousie by Carrie K

I've been experiencing some extreme klutz (do we still use this word? I feel like I never hear people say it anymore) moments lately...

Naked tumble
I was taking a shower when one of the bottles on the shelf started to fall (because I knocked into it). I tried to catch it and lost my balance and fell down SPLAT in the shower. I giggled so hard because I found the whole situation hilarious, and I had so much trouble hoisting myself up again. Thankfully I didn't break my hip.

The invisible ring
I was wearing a new ring that my friend Mellie had given me for Christmas. I went to wash my cup at the office pantry, and removed the ring while washing. I put the ring back on after and then went back to my desk. Half an hour later, I thought to myself 'Oh shoot, where's my ring?', and ran back to the pantry to check. Yup, the ring was still on my finger.

A new way to ingest coke light
Having dinner, someone passed me some bee hoon and while greedily spooning it onto my plate, I tipped over my full cup of coke light, which then spilled onto the table and onto my lap. Instead of immediately jumping up and getting away from the mess, I said 'Oh shoot! I have coke on me!' and then kind of turtle crawled up out of my seat.

So, photo taking needs to be seated from henceforth!

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