Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Putting the vet to the test

Rarrrgh so windy I was eating my own hair
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Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great time over the Christmas and New Year break.

So I was in search of a vet to do Nacho's dental cleaning, not that my previous vet Dr. Boon from Town Vets isn't any good, but I felt that the clinic was pretty pricey so I thought I would try another clinic.

Being a bit of an overprotective pet owner, I decided that I'd do some research on Dr Tan Eng Khim from Vets@RV. There really wasn't much written up about him except for 2 posts in Pets Channel that said he's a good doctor for rabbits. I also did some research on where he went to get his Vet degrees and was sufficiently satisfied so I made an appointment for a pre-dental treatment consultation.

Any pet owner will know - Pets are hella expensive. Consultation lasted about 30 minutes and it cost me 45 bucks! Dr Tan was quite thorough in explaining the whole process but you know, sometimes it's like kind of overwhelming so all I can recall now is that he said Nacho would be put on Methodone so I think my dog may be a meth addict now. He also mentioned Isopropyl and about Michael Jackson's demise from an overdose of it. Okayyy man. Way to put me at ease.

Unlike Town Vets, the clinic smells quite strongly of animals which was kind of a bummer for me since I'm really fussy about cleanliness and smell, but the thing that convinced me to continue on was that I felt like Dr Tan did try to go through the whole process with me step by step, and give me a science lesson so two thumbs up for that. Also, he seems really earnest and well-meaning so I guess I was put at ease, despite the smell and also despite the fact that their webpage is a little... amateur. (Sorry man, just being brutally honest).

We scheduled the dental appointment for two days later and I can't say Nacho happily trotted in at all, (not because of the specific vet but because he just knows the vet is where he gets poked and prodded) and he was pretty out of it the rest of the day after the treatment, but a day after, with the anesthesia and meth out of his system, he's back to his old energetic self, but this time, with nice fresh breath.  I however, am down $379 so clearly less energetic. I think after all my fussing over it, the truth is, the cost of the medical equipment and mad drugs are probably the costliest components. I guess I'd go back to Vets@RV since I think they do seem quite thorough, but maybe if they could just... Febreeze a little bit?

Anyway, long story short: My New Year's resolution is to care for my dog's teeth better so I don't have to put him through this scary procedure annually.

Thanks for reading! 

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