Thursday, 18 February 2016


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So I work with a few young temp staff, fresh out of school and waiting to go to university or find their first job, many of them have been wonderful and proactive and happy. But there have been a few who make me think "Ah, millenials" with a soft sigh and an upward roll of the eyes.

It's terribly exhausting because of 2 main things:
  1. They quit within a short span of time which means I have to go and get someone else to fill the role quickly and that means more paperwork
  2. It reminds me of my youth (so long gone, and dearly missed) 
When I was younger - had better skin, had the ability to go out all night but still wake up feeling refreshed, and had the metabolism that deserves a bloody prize - I held down a couple of different jobs here and there including:

Sales assistant at DKNY and then Awfully Chocolate - both good experiences overall
Sales assistant at Tangs for Dr Hauschka - Not great, I quit after a day because I was a spoiled little brat who didn't want to go through the staff entrance because it was dark and smelled like smoke
Administrative exec for a publishing company - I was dumb and quit after a day because I'm a spoiled brat who didn't understand Excel. Much regret.
Door bitch - I did this for 5 years and it was pretty fun although so exhausting.

None of these jobs really prepared me for the real working world because I have a desk job and sit on my fat butt most days but I did learn some valuable lessons including:
  • Working with people can be tough - it's important to guard your heart and your secrets
  • Standing up for long amounts of time makes your leg veins become permanent residents 
  • Having down to earth work friends can really make the job much more enjoyable (Hi to Zamri from DKNY, Sali and Azmi from Helipad!!) 
  • Be nice to people in customer service and sales staff because omg it can be rough for them
Anyway, if I had a time machine and could go back in time and give young me some advice regarding jobs, it would definitely be not to give up quite so easily, over small dumb things, and also maybe to cut down eating so much chocolate ice cream and cake while working.

Thanks for reading!

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