Wednesday, 24 February 2016

My friends are better than yours

Dress: Y.A.S | Shoes: Jessica Buurman | Bag: Tocco Tenero | Sunglasses: Karen Walker 
Earrings: From Wens (Similar here) | Bracelet: Pedder Red (Similar here) | Ring: Lovisa (Similar here

This post is a shout out to some of the best people in the world... My FRIENDS!! (Yes they are real!)

Mouse squad CC and Nic gave me the bag you see in this post and it is the perfect size and shape, I love how I can even stuff my workout clothes in there but it doesn't look overly large and clunky.  While I technically told them what I wanted, they totally hit the nail on the head by getting the right size and presenting it to me when my life was exceptionally craptastic.

Mellie gifted me a really amazing gift for my birthday this year - An ASOS gift card! which I used to buy this dress you see in this post (among other things!!). All my whining about not having enough new stuff really paid off. Actually, I bought FIVE things, like immediately. Which is kind of dumb because it's stored value and can be used over two years. But I got excited.

Wens who is my godsister, but I like to think of her as kind of like a forced friend, gave me the earrings I'm wearing, after having already given me a necklace which I cannot wait to debut... I think she might have a shopping problem.

Thank you my beautiful, generous, lovely friendzies. I can't wait for my birthday next year! *wink wink*

Thanks for reading (other friends who are also welcome to buy me things!! Lol!)

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