Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Back to the grind

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So I recently visited my dentist to get a mouth guard made. I have a terrible habit of grinding my teeth when I sleep, and while I don't think it's really all that bad (except for the boo who has to put up with it), I do sometimes wake up with pretty bad headaches from all that grinding. 

The past week was really bad so I visited Dr. Chin and aside from sticking an awful putty in my mouth to take a mold of my mouth, he educated me on grinding. New stuff I learned: 
  1. There are 2 kinds of teeth grinding. The first is a muscular kind (similar to what I do, where the muscles are tight and tense and moving). The second is teeth and bone grinding which sounds terrible because the intense impact of grinding the teeth on one another causes them to grind down and he's had to extract teeth and put implants for people for this kind of grinding. 
  2. Grinding appears to be more common in people who hold slightly more senior positions at work (excluding me... I'm a minion). 
  3. There are ways to train your jaw to reduce the amount of grinding in the day. He informed me that the best position for your mouth to be in is with your mouth closed, lips shut, teeth NOT touching, tongue resting on the roof of your mouth. He said that ideally, the teeth should touch no more than 6 minutes a day. Who is counting??? 
  4. You can also go for Botox injections along your jaw to I guess make the muscle chill the eff out. I got very excited about this since it feels so Real Housewives of Singapore and why not kill 2 birds with one stone right, go in for teeth grinding, come out looking younger? #vainpot
  5. There are two kinds of mouth guards, the soft kind and the hard kind. Some people have reacted poorly to the soft kind of mouth guard because somehow their brains are encouraged to grind even harder on the soft surface. But of course the soft kind is more comfortable and easier to sleep in.
Anyway, after all this information, I decided to get a hard one because I've used a soft one before and I ground a hole in it, which makes me feel like it's less lasting. 
My brand new mouth guard in it's own fancy neon box that I have trouble opening because I'm dumb
After a week, I went back in for the mouth guard fitting and it feels totally weird having this hard denture-like thing in my mouth, and I kept feeling like I have saliva pooling in my mouth, but I had ZERO problems sleeping with it once I lay down, which is really a testament to my sleeping powers. And I didn't drool at all so I guess it's not too bad. 
It looks like a gooey transparent tongue that I'm resing my teeth against
Anyway, all in all, I guess it's good for me and hopefully the headaches will stop. I'm still thinking about that Botox though. My friend Dan, or professionally referred to as Dr. Teo from Dental on the Bay can administer it. He's the dentist to a lot of my friends and I've heard good reviews about his work and bedside manners, plus you have to be trained in jabbing someone with Botox so not just any dentist will do. Maybe while he's injecting the jaw he can go get those crows feet and forehead lines! 

Oh well, we shall see. But in the meantime, if you're looking for a nice guy to poke around inside your mouth with metal instruments, or make your jaw look simply faaaabulous daaahling, do get in touch with Dan on the bay. 

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  1. My son grinds his teeth too! He's 5 so he doesn't hold a senior position at work but he's reached a high level at plants vs zombies so that could be contributing to his stress... - superchar


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