Wednesday, 2 March 2016

I knew I loved you before I met you

Top: ASOS (Similar here) | Skirt: J. Crew (Similar here) | Shoes: Romwe | Bag: Gift from Cyn (Similar here)
Necklace: Gift from Wens (Marc by Marc Jacobs) | Hand chain: Nasty Gal (Similar here) | Ring: Gift from Mellie (Twentyeight Lane)  

So fresh out of the shower; wet hair wrapped up, I sat at my desk typing and realised there are a few things in my life that I really didn't know I needed until I got them. I'm sure you have these things too, things that make your life so much easier but you really never would have thought of it until it was given to you or you chanced upon it. Kind of like a coffee sleeve, so basic and so brilliant. 

Introducing... The things you didn't know you needed until now: 

Head wrap thingy - This pink terry cloth geniusness sits atop my head and prevents my wet hair from drooping down my shoulders, thus wetting the t-shirt I'm wearing. Plus it keeps the hair away from the face so it's also great during makeup application time. My momster bought this from Japan when she was on vacation and at first I thought, 'what kind of rubbish is this?' But I use it everyday now. You might say, 'that's what a towel is for', to which I reply, 'You foolish human being.' I was like you once, a towel turban wearer but this is great for Singapore because it's basically a snood for the head so it lets the head breathe through the open hole at the top. Much cooler, and there isn't that extra fabric swinging around (for bigger towels). Plus it's better than the small towels they wrap around your head at salons and clip because duh, no need for the clip (economical!) and it doesn't run the risk of falling off. BRILLIANT. 

Body wrap thingy: Ok this is like a sarong towel. It's the more cooling, waaaay more unglamorous version of the bath robe. With its elasticised top, it kiaps on tight to the body so no risk of walking around your house semi-naked only to become fully naked. I throw this on whenever I'm applying a face mask, or while putting on my makeup before I get dressed. I first chanced upon this at my facial place and I was so hellbent on getting one I stole it (Just kidding... Or maybe not... But of course I'm kidding... Maybe...)
Aladdin bottle: A group of us were wandering inside Mustafa shopping centre and my friend and I got waaaay too excited when we saw this. I recall it being kind of pricey but come on, it keeps your water cool for longer while not allowing condensation to form and drip all over the place. That is just pure sorcery. I know Bodum cups are basically the same thing but this is a plastic bottle (safe for kids!) and doesn't cost an arm, leg, spleen and maybe one eyeball. It came with attachable plastic cups but after a few days of pretending to be a dainty lady, I gave up and reverted back to my crass bottle-swigging self. Aaaahh refreshing!    

This nail-clipper: You think a nail-clipper is just a nail-clipper right? No. You are wrong. Please get with the program. This nail-clipper is the bomb. It is super sharp and collects all the nail clippings inside its little nail-clipper body. I know, there are others out there that you can buy at the dollar store with the plastic bit. But no. Trust me. This nail-clipper is not messing around. It is the Michael Jordan of nail-clippers. The boo bought it for Christmas for me from Tokyu Hands. And before you start thinking, 'What??? Nail clippers for Christmas?? Is he the grinch??', well, yes, but that's not the point. Because I am the female grinch and I absolutely love a good functional gift. (Although I also like things like clothes, shoes, purses, and jewellery which are slightly less functional). 

Alright, I've gone on like a rabid dog for a while about all these things that you didn't know you needed. Go forth and acquire.

Thanks for reading! 

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