Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Top: Victoria Victoria Beckham (Similar here) | Pants: Uniqlo 
Shoes: Zara (Similar here) | Clutch: DKNY (Similar here) | Ring: Jessica Buurman (Similar here)

 Fashion is pain. This top might not look it but it's pretty tight because it's gathered around the waist and after a full meal, I was pretty much struggling to breathe. Oh Victoria B, you minx, you. Thank goodness your clothes are so expensive because if I wasn't struggling to save money, I would be struggling to keep away from your clothes while my ever expanding waistline would be struggling to stay within them. 

Actually, it's not just this top... I can't fit into so many of my clothes (AAAARGH!!). Anyway, I'm on Carousell now because I've found that I just can't fit into so many of the things I used to wear and honestly, I'm not that hopeful that I'm ever going to be able to again. Coupled with the fact that I'll be downsizing to a much smaller place in a couple of years, I figure I might as well sell some stuff, and make a teeensy bit of money (seriously I sell it for cheap, LIKE $5-$15. I see people selling used dresses for $30 and I'm like WHATTTT WHO SPENDS THAT KIND OF MONEY??)  Anyway, if you feel like buying my stuff, check out my Carousell page, I promise it's in good condition! 

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