Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Fun police

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It’s dawned on me that I am not a fun person. I say this because I enjoy doing really boring things that people typically find to be a chore. I love a good spring cleaning – the joy of tidying up and making everything shiny and new is just so rewarding. Also, I love running errands like grocery shopping and picking up household products. Honestly, doesn’t finding the perfect broom sound just swell??

When the boo had his birthday party at home, I was running to turn down the music every time he turned it up because HELLO WE HAVE NEIGHBOURS WHO SLEEP NORMAL HOURS. And I was theone running around picking up the garbage and clearing the dirty plates which I think is normal since I was hosting that shindig. But I would probably do it even if I wasn’t the host.

Anyway, these things don’t exactly make for a very exciting person that others want to be around, but that’s ok. I’ve become very comfortable with who I am and with my weird quirks (like preferring to spend my Friday hugging my dog rather than chugging a pint).

Thankfully, I have a saving grace - I’m quite good at contributing to the fun others have.

My colleague had a hen’s night party and I became the unofficial clothes lender because apparently I have skanky clothes that would fit the theme of (skanky hos). AWESOME. Anyway, I just like other people to have the fun, and then I do the non-fun prep or clean up so I think I'm very useful. 

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. Hope you are having fun in all the ways you enjoy! Unless it’s gross and/or illegal. Then NO.  

Thanks for reading!

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