Wednesday, 20 April 2016

It's your choice

Top: French Connection (Similar here) | Skirt: ASOS (Similar here) | Shoes: New Look (Similar here)
Bag: Gracious Aires (Similar here) | Ring: V&A (Similar here

I think I mention it over and over - I really am big on sunscreen. I finally used up all of my Biotherm sunscreen but I've been fortunate to have friends who know just how mad I am about the stuff so I routinely get sunscreen as gifts. Angie had given me this awesome RMK UV Face Protector (SPF50+++) sometime back and I finally got to crack it open. Angie is a total beauty junkie so I knew it would be good, but DUDE. It is even better than Biotherm (sorry B). It has a smooth and light texture, not super creamy, so it spreads really easily. It also has no discernible smell which is great because the sunblock smell can be kind of gross. But it's super wow factor has definitely got to be its absorption and non-stickiness. It's so quickly absorbed into the skin that it doesn't leave any trace of that normal oily sticky sunblock feeling. I think it may not be waterproof though which is ok since I just wear it to work.

Protect yo face
I love how the product description tells me that I can "use it daily in the city as well as during leisure or sport activities". It makes it seem like the leisure and sports are all happening out of the city. But what if I want to go to the country? Can I not wear it then??? Better go buy some of that non-city sunscreen for those village days.

I'm now in a wormhole reading all the copy from the whole website. Take these examples:

"Open the compact and prepare to meet the circus’s star attraction." 

I guess it's misleading without the image it references because normally when you think of makeup, you don't automatically jump to "circus' star attraction" unless you think clown makeup is so on trend. But seriously, what is it???
Star attraction in the house.
 How about these lines...

"Cute or sexy, it‘s your choice!" 


"Explore your many expressions - sexy, feminine, or just relaxed/casual – by layering on their color and radiance."

But I want to be ALL!!! It is so hard to be a woman. And RMK didn't even consider those days when I want my "expression" to be "accomplished but on edge because of caffeine" or "Hangry but in a model way rather than the greedy person way".   

Alright I need to go and by a star attraction so I can be cute/sexy.

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