Wednesday, 25 May 2016

These are a few of my favourite things part deux

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And now.... A post about all the things I'm ranting and raving about these days. 

Have you ever tried Absolute Acai? It is just divine. It's a super chilled acai berry concoction (comes with an assortment of fruit and nuts depending on what you choose) and it is DELICIOUS. It is so sweet and refreshing, so I treat myself to it once a week or so (it's a bit pricey, if not I'd be eating that shizz daily). Acai berries which are from Brazil are apparently good for a whole bunch of things including reducing irritation and weight loss. This means that I ought to eat it every single day. YAAASSSS. 

Am I glowing yet? My friend Leo came back from her vacay and bought me this little pot of goodness. This Glam Glow face mask is a super hydrating cream that you can apply and wash off, or even apply and leave on overnight. It's ultra hydrating and while I apply it, I can feel it slightly tingle. This might be my imagination. But the day after, my skin feels deeply hydrated and more bouncy (I'm not very sure how to really describe it). It smells like coconut butter which is a really pleasant smell for the face. It's available at Sephora so BUY BUY BUY! The most popular one is Youth Mud which I'm considering getting because I'm hearing such rave reviews (even though apparently it kind of hurts when you put it on... Hmmm... No pain, no gain?).  
Liiiiive. I want you to live!!
I'm basically Mother Earth these days - The boo made this super easy one pot pasta which called for a lot of basil and he ended up buying a potted basil plant which I am trying to nurture back to life. I accidentally forgot about it for 2 days and it kinda tipped over and dried out but nothing short of singing to it, I'm reviving this little baby so that I can continue to enjoy my basil infused one pot pasta. I'm really not sure if I'm doing it right but I referenced this article and it's also making me want to start diversifying and growing all kinds of plants. It's actually really fun to say I have a basil plant like I'm some domestic goddess.Turns out NTUC Fairprice Finest sells potted basil plants, who would've thunk! 

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

This sh*t is bananas! B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

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So I found this super easy no carbs banana pancake recipe so I felt compelled to share it. If you're like me, very into diet trends, and you're all "Carbs are bad" then you will LOVE this recipe. But if you're like my weirdo friends (you know who you are!) and you don't like eggs, then move along.

Mush up one banana into what resembles baby's vomit
Crack 2 eggs and whisk them
Mix in the banana mush
Heat buttered pan and pour in the egg-banana mix
Cook over low-medium heat on each side for a few minutes, I kind of estimate and check for golden brownness
Eat that delicious banana pancake delight. Serve with whatever you think pairs well.
I had some with Nutella too and that was delicious because I love Nutella as much as I love my family. Nutella is my family. The banana pancakes are really delicious and sweet so it doesn't even need any syrup or icing sugar but feel free to add on whatever makes you happy!

Helpful tip: these pancakes don't bubble like normal pancakes so you might not know when to flip 'em. Good to cook it low and slow so it doesn't burn but solidifies nicely.

Also, don't make them too large because then they're hell to flip. Unless you're Jamie Oliver and you can flip things sans cutlery. The first time I made it too large and I tried to flip it and it was a disgusting mess and looks like scrambled egg (but still tasted good).

*Post initial photo taking edit: I made the pancakes again but this time using a blender - I blended the bananas and the eggs, which made the texture way smoother and more watery, which, when poured into the pan, made much neater, flatter and rounder pancakes which cooked a little more evenly! And I decided to use a Happy Call double sided pan for the flipping, which made it waaaay easier and less messy. Suck on that Jamie Oliver!
So round. Much smooth. Many yum.
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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Simply the best

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Bag: Gracious Aires (Similar here) | Brooch: Etsy (Similar here) | Ring: Vintage (Similar here)

I’m prone to being quite extreme when it comes to things that I love – and my treatment of my dog, Nacho, is no exception.
I love yeeeeeeeewwwwwwww
Nacho means the world to me, I never knew I could love something this much. I’m definitely a crazy dog lady through and through.

For fellow dog owners, I’d like to share some of the things I’ve bought for Nacho which maybe you can consider for your furry friend as well! Although, I’m actually well aware that most dog owners are pretty crazy about their dogs and probably have just as many awesome things for their dogs as I do.

Nacho can be pretty intense and anxious sometimes, especially when he’s at the vet or at the groomers. I read that Rescue Remedy was a good homeopathic option to help my dog chill the eff out (they also make it for humans!) so I immediately bought some. It’s advised to let your dog ingest a few drops of it by putting it in their drinking water, or in a snack. I don’t know if it really works because he’s still pretty crap when he goes to the vet. And Nacho’s groomer, sweet Ashley from De’ Pets Salon, describes him as ‘a bit naughty’ after each grooming session but I’m pretty sure in her head she’s screaming “LITTLE FURRY SPAWN OF SATAN”. 

I’m not sure what it is, but Nacho’s breath is horrible. After incurring a $300+ dental bill for him early this year, I’ve decided to take more effort and care in cleaning his teeth. So I bought this Oratene toothpaste from the vet. It’s a $45 tube of clear gel paste that I rub onto his gums and teeth daily using a little finger cloth. The vet told me that it uses enzymes to clean the plaque off his teeth, and so far, his teeth are still looking pretty clean. My friend Mims says her dog Russell gnaws on bones and that helps but Nacho’s never been much of a chewer and he ignores his chew toys.*Sigh* Expensive toothpaste it is then.

I’m a total sucker for packaging and my snobby hippie wannabe nature means that when I see the word ‘organic’, I’m pretty much 60% convinced. Nacho sometimes gets ticks when he goes running through the grass so I get him Richard's Organics flea and tick shampoo and this one purports to be all natural and safe and gentle. Plus, look how chio that packaging is. It looks fancier than the shampoo I use for myself. Apparently it repels mosquitoes too so maybe I should use it as a body wash. 

Ok so this one is more for me than for Nacho but it’s Nacho adjacent. My sis bought this dog food container for me as a Christmas gift. It’s from Hip Van and I love it because I love dogs and it’s got cute little puppies on it! OMG SO CUTE. The only way it could be made better is if it had Nacho pictures printed on it. This year's Christmas gift perhaps??     

It's like he's all "I'm faaaabulous! What a cool drink of water I am!"
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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Geys and Goons

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A random thought first...

Does drinking cream of broccoli soup count as eating my veggies?

I am literally having some of it now and it is delicious. I've been really bored of food lately and I wish I could just eat a pill that would give me all the necessary nutrients I need, give me a sense of satisfaction and satiation, and also not make me a pudgy blob monster. Scientists, get on it already!

Something I am not totally bored of yet though.. Salted egg yolk coated deep fried chicken. OMG that shizz is the bomb. Now you're probably thinking, "ooh sounds good, where can I get some of that?" and I can tell you....

Stolen from their Facebook page because I forgot to take photos.
Disclaimer first: this is my friend's business so I am biased but if it wasn't good I wouldn't bother posting about it. So it is good, trust me, I'm a very greedy human* being.

The original Geylang Claypot Rice restaurant is located in, no surprises here, Geylang (GASP SHOCK), but due to the fact that my friend and his business partner are enterprising young men with rice on the brain and in the stomach, they've opened a second outlet at Serangoon Gardens to cater to all the goonies. I assume that's what they call themselves. Totally true fact: the people from Geylang called themselves "Geylords". Maybe.

Also stolen, because I'm a thief
I've heard from my friend that the Serangoon outlet's claypot rice has a boneless chicken version which is great because I used to absolutely loathe eating claypot rice only to be biting into shards of chicken bone. It's up there on the charts of worst things ever, like just behind 'leaving dog poop on the side walk' and 'writing Game of Thrones spoilers on Facebook'. 

Obviously while their claypot rice is their signature dish, I, being not that into claypot rice (scarred from the bones yo), prefer their other dishes including the salted egg yolk chicken, the seafood beehoon (I avoid the seafood since I'm allergic but I go to town on those noodles), and the Qinglong vegetables. So now this soup I'm drinking is kinda not cutting it anymore. Where's that food pill when you need it?? 

Salted egg yolk *drools*
I'm pretty sure this is basically a cholesterol and calorie bomb but I LOVE SALTED EGG YOLK FRIED CHICKEN. I need to find a way to marry it. It's so good!! It also comes in a squid version but meh I'm all for chicken. When I was a kid, my mom told me all meat was chicken so I'd eat it because I really loved chicken.

Apparently Qinglong's literal translation is 'Green Dragon' and now with Game of Thrones back on the air, who isn't all about dragons? So topical. Anyway, this vegetable dish is awesome. I had never tried it before and I was more than pleasantly surprised. I'm no food blogger so I'm not going to try and pretend I know food by using words like 'palate cleansing' and 'refreshing with a twist' or 'bow chica wow wow' (I also don't read food blogs), but I just want to say that I like this dish and highly recommend it.
Shrimp + cereal = dinner and breakfast rolled into one
Ok so I'll be honest, I don't eat shellfish so I could only eat the cereal but from the way my friends inhaled this, I think it's good? The cereal was really yummy so yes, we also finished all the cereal.

Deep fried soft shell crab + eggs
I think this is the boo's favourite, he said the eggs are yums max. I can only sigh and feel a deep longing for this crab that would only give me the feeling of a midget squeezing and weakly punching my throat if I were to eat it.

I'm so bad at describing food, I keep thinking about writing "I like this a lot" and "yum". I'm not very original and my vocabulary isn't really great. Anyway, french beans - supercalifragilisticexpealidocious. Take that for a description yo.

So anyway, not shown here: an onion omelette and a xiao bai cai vegetable dish because I was really greedy and I kept forgetting to take the photos until we had all started eating. Some of the photos I took were just plates with remnants of food. It's kind of gross.

Anyway, Geylang Claypot is a great place for large gatherings as a pot of rice can go a long way so it's quite economical. Although of course when you order the more expensive seafood dishes, it can be more pricey. I think it's got pretty standard zi char prices. The food comes in small and medium sizing so you can always mix and match to suit your group size. 

The restaurant in Serangoon is fully air-conditioned which is important because it's so freaking hot in Singapore. And I heard that they've just got their liquor license so that means PARTY CENTRAL! Gather all your friends and head down to Geylang Claypot Rice restaurant Tuesdays to Sundays for lunch or dinner or maybe even just to hang out. 

To see the Geys, go to: 639 Geylang Road
But if you feel like visiting the Goons: 4 Maju Avenue 

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* Technically while I claim I'm human, I've never really had it proven. How do we know we aren't all just aliens walking around and when we die we actually go onto our next alien form. I will probably be a Trump supporter cos you know those people are truly aliens. Anyway, how do we go about proving one's humanity? This has given me an awesome idea for the Humanity Games, kind of like the Hunger Games but with more food. Yup. Back to food again.