Tuesday, 17 May 2016

This sh*t is bananas! B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

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So I found this super easy no carbs banana pancake recipe so I felt compelled to share it. If you're like me, very into diet trends, and you're all "Carbs are bad" then you will LOVE this recipe. But if you're like my weirdo friends (you know who you are!) and you don't like eggs, then move along.

Mush up one banana into what resembles baby's vomit
Crack 2 eggs and whisk them
Mix in the banana mush
Heat buttered pan and pour in the egg-banana mix
Cook over low-medium heat on each side for a few minutes, I kind of estimate and check for golden brownness
Eat that delicious banana pancake delight. Serve with whatever you think pairs well.
I had some with Nutella too and that was delicious because I love Nutella as much as I love my family. Nutella is my family. The banana pancakes are really delicious and sweet so it doesn't even need any syrup or icing sugar but feel free to add on whatever makes you happy!

Helpful tip: these pancakes don't bubble like normal pancakes so you might not know when to flip 'em. Good to cook it low and slow so it doesn't burn but solidifies nicely.

Also, don't make them too large because then they're hell to flip. Unless you're Jamie Oliver and you can flip things sans cutlery. The first time I made it too large and I tried to flip it and it was a disgusting mess and looks like scrambled egg (but still tasted good).

*Post initial photo taking edit: I made the pancakes again but this time using a blender - I blended the bananas and the eggs, which made the texture way smoother and more watery, which, when poured into the pan, made much neater, flatter and rounder pancakes which cooked a little more evenly! And I decided to use a Happy Call double sided pan for the flipping, which made it waaaay easier and less messy. Suck on that Jamie Oliver!
So round. Much smooth. Many yum.
Happy cooking, thanks for reading!

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