Friday, 3 June 2016

Bali ballin' part 2

Remaining true to the aesthetic of Alex Wears Stuff, here’s a bunch of stuff I wore while in Bali. And also some food that I ate in Bali. And before you think ‘these two things are completely random and unconnected’, I was wearing these clothes while eating (clothes cover the swelling food baby tummy) so that’s how they complement one another. 
Rip Curl Bikini - Float not included
Again, a disclaimer: most of these photos were taken using my crappy phone camera hence the poor quality. My friend Mims’ Samsung Edge 7 phone camera is crazy good and makes everyone look like they have excellent skin. I really should look into that. 

Every morning, when we awoke, the villa staff would prepare some glorious western breakfast for us, complete with eggs (style of your preference), tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, sausages, bacon, toasted bread, an assortment of spreads (but we bought Nutella so obvs I went with that. So happy!) and a large plate of tropical fruit. I’d take my normal coffee with it although my friend Jakie made what he called pangsai (poop) juice (which tastes better than it sounds). He would take whatever fruit was available, and blend it with some fruit juice and some other stuff and make a super fruit juice which I guess would lead to pangsai-ing.  This is basically a perfect breakfast to me and they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I totally made sure I respected its importance by eating a lot.

We ordered lunch in from this awesome crispy duck place and this was delightful in every way. That crispy duck lived up to its name and was hella crispy. It should have been called hella-crispy-and-deliciously-tasty-duck because that’s totally what it was. My friend Mellie who normally doesn’t like duck loved this meal. One gripe was that the portion was kind of small, should have ordered double the amount! I don’t eat chili but the chili provided was apparently mad spicy and wonderful, and my chili-lover friends were very pleased.
Sooo crispy and delicious
Post food lounging with monster manman in the background. Dress from Asos, sandals from Yesstyle.
We definitely overdid it during dinner the first night when we went to Hog Wild, which was formerly known as Naughty Nuri’s. Our table of 6 (we had to split into 2 tables because we were a fairly large group and they wouldn’t take an online reservation for so large a group apparently) ordered SO MUCH FOOD. 4 plates of pork ribs, 2 plates of beef ribs = 6 plates of deliciousness, then we added corn on the cob for all, fries, chicken wings, grilled vegetables and finally a meh banana split and a terrible brownie with ice cream (I repeat, it is awful). Overall it was a good experience except for the dessert, and also except for the person who had to voms after overeating (it wasn’t me).
Someone's had too much to drink
Look ma, I'm flyiiiiing
Pork ribs hidden by long flowy dress from

MORE FOOD. We ordered boxes of babi guling which is pork and this meal was disappointing because the pork was tough to eat. Good thing I wasn’t hungry because I had gone crazy at breakfast. Also probably still dreaming of the crispy duck here. Also, those paper balls look like hamburgers but they're actually the rice wrapped up.

Dress from Shein, hat from H&M
We went to Merah Putih on Saturday evening, and it’s a fancy pants looking Indonesian restaurant with lots of Caucasian patrons, and with Indonesian cuisine done fancy style – fancy plating and serving. While fancy, the food was decent, but not mind-blowing, this made it a bit of a disappointment since we actually ended up paying quite a large bill for the tasting menu and 2 bottles of red wine. I think my favourite dish of the lot was the soup which was just really salty and yummy but in such small serving it could have just been a gravy to pour onto the next dish for all I know.

Clearly fancy
Indoor trees. Legit fancy.

Old dress from Guess
We gave babi guling another try but this time in the form of a whole pig. The meat was tender, while the skin was crispy and fresh. We enjoyed it much more, and combined with the villa’s chef’s vegetables and soup, this meal totally redeemed the previous babi guling experience. The soup was peppery and porky but really quite delicious, albeit a little salty. 
That'll be all, pig
To push our meal to the edge, we also made a special order to get Revolver Coffee delivered to our villa. This is some hipster coffee joint that's really pretty and cool looking, and serves really good coffee. Best to go in person but since we'd dropped in the day before, we were craving it the following day so we got the villa staff to get it for us like the truly indulgent lazy butts that we are.

Just one part of the cafe but the cutest part!
Once again, we overdid it. We had a BBQ in the villa and I don’t know why we ended up ordering SO MUCH MEAT which the villa staff helpfully grilled up for us. We had steak, 2 kinds of sausages, pork, chicken chop, chicken wings, corned beef hash, pasta, corn on the cob, salad, and pork soup. We were so full and I don’t think we even managed to eat half of what we ordered so we shared it with the villa staff and I really truly hope they shared it with the rest of the Canggu village because there was just SO MUCH FOOD.
Goodbye diet.
Dress from Nasty Gal
All in all, a truly degen weekend where over-indulgence was the name of the game. Time to HIIT even harder.

I don't wanna leave!! *wails*
Thanks for reading!

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