Wednesday, 8 June 2016

New and improved

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My aunt and I hit up the Sephora sale a while back and I was treated to a few new things. I’m not a huge makeup/beauty junkie like my friends, but I appreciate a good product so I thought I’d share my views on my stuff with you! 

When I was doing a bit of modelling, a makeup artist used the Shu Uemura eyelash curler on me, and it seemed really effective – a couple of squeezes and my puny eyelashes were curled upwards towards the heavens. After years of using my cheap Manicare curler, I thought I would give this a go, and OMG I AM SO IMPRESSED. I know, it’s just an eyelash curler, not exactly life changing, but it is just SO GOOD. It curls way faster than my Manicare one, and with some much more ease. I don’t even need to squeeze hard, just 3 gentle squeezes and it’s done, shaving some seconds of the makeup routine. It might not seem like much but every second counts when you're a busy career woman lol. And the curl is really quite dramatic, even for short and sparse lashes like mine. For S$30, I highly recommend this! 

Urban DecayB6 vitamin infused prep spray was a purchase my aunt made while standing in line, you know how smart Sephora is, they leave little sample sized stuff around the queue so as you wait, you end up picking up more stuff. Just like how we did. Anyway, I had no idea what it did, and to be honest, I still don’t. But reading the reviews, sounds like it’s for reducing oil, getting rid of redness, smoothing the face for better makeup application, cooling and moisturizing and probably more, but I’m bored of reading the reviews. Anyway, I’ve just started using it and since I don’t really have problem skin anymore, I haven’t noticed a drastic change, but if I suddenly start glowing, I will let you know. 

Mousie recommended both the Beauty Blender sponge and its solid cleansing soap to me. She told me that since using the beauty blender, she’s had several comments on her good skin and she says it’s because of how smoothly her makeup is applied. All makeup junkies are obsessed with this sponge (it’s even spawned a strange meme), but sorry makeup junkies, I still think it’s just an expensive sponge. I don’t really do much blending though so that could be why. But the cleanser, now that shizz it dope. It’s meant for the beauty blender, wet it up and swipe the sponge in a circular motion and then rub out the makeup on the palm of your hand, but I also use it for my brushes. I clean my brushes every fortnight because I get breakouts if I use dirty brushes. 

Ok, enough bragging for now. Thanks for reading!

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