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Bag: Pimkie (Similar here) | Hat: ASOS

So I'm NOT pregnant but I've been asked twice this year. I don't really mind though because I'm of that age where it would be common to assume I could be pregnant, and in both cases I was wearing a droopy sack dress and flats. 

However, my point isn't about me (shocking I know since I'm usually so self-absorbed). The point is that my sister, the best sister that anyone could ask for actually IS pregnant and is due to give birth within the next 10 days. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. I'm going to be an AUNT! Lol there we go, back to me again. 

 Mousie has always known she's wanted kids and it's so great because I know she's going to make for a super rad mom. Like disciplined but also like kind of dorky and maybe will tell lots of mom jokes. Anyway, let's not forget her baby daddy aka her hubby Micky*. 

Baby daddy extraordinaire!
He probably won't be doing dad jokes because he likes to pretend to be super cool but I know he's also a super dork which makes them MFEO. 

I think my sister is pretty awesome because she's kind of always been like a little mom to me, helping me navigate my way through life. 
"This is how you totally nail wedding photos, little sister"
Mousie has been a role model and inspiration to me because she isn't just a pretty face...

Phweee phweet!
She's also really smart (Harvard masters yo), has a kick-ass career, is really sure of what she wants from life, while still managing to be humble, down to earth, and genuine. Also she looks really good in hats of the animal variety.

Dontcha wish your gf was hot like me
Dontcha wish your gf was a freak like me
She's also a compassionate and caring human being, who aside from wanting to save the world, also wants to share all the love she has. 
Loves Nacho almost as much as I do
Truly, Mousie will give this baby all the love she can give, and impart the ways of the world to this wee baby, teaching le baby all the finer things in life. Such as how to enjoy a good meal. 
The way she taught me...
Thank you for introducing crepe cake to me
Although life is going to change - maybe she won't have as much time to mother me, and her interests and topics of conversation may change, and maybe we'll be a little too busy to keep in touch as often as we'd like...

But I think at the end of the day, we'll still be awesome sisters. And when we meet, it'll be like nothing has changed.
Except we'll have one more person to love and adore, to do fun stuff with, and to put funny cute hats on.

I can't wait to meet you baby Mungbean**, and I can't wait to discuss all the gross things that happen during birth.

Congratulations to Micky and Mousie!
Not the baby
Thanks for reading!

*Name changed to embarrass Sir Micky
** Name TBC but Mungbean is a strong contender because why not?

LIVE UPDATE! She's in labour NOW!!!

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