Tuesday, 13 September 2016


"Jewellery takes people's minds of your wrinkles" - Sarah Phillips

I have a lotta wrinkles. Not featured - necklaces, brooches, bracelets
Who is Sarah Phillips you ask? I have no idea, but the lady is onto something.

When I was younger, I once told a boyfriend that I would never leave the house without at least a pair of earrings on (which is not to say I would go out with only earrings on. Not a nudist. Just to be clear here). This was in the days when hoop earrings were all the rage, and I had several pairs in different colours, some shiny, some matte, some metallic, some in cool shapes like stars and hearts. 

A fraction of what I used to have!
I'm still totally into the large chunky, shiny look for earrings but whenever I want to act mature and fancy, I channel my sister's style and select pieces I think she would wear - semi-precious stones with a slight boho vibe to them. 

Boho vibe. Not my sister. Pic taken from here

Recently, I connected with my sister's friend, a Singaporean jewellery designer Tsu Yinn who lovingly crafts unique and affordable pieces of jewellery. Her stuff is exactly what my sister would wear (lots of semi-precious stones in a variety of colours) and basically the opposite of my hoochie-mama-chic so get ready for some fancyness! 

She only makes a limited number per piece I think which sucks because most of the ones I like are sold out but these turquoise ones I got are basically the height of fancy ladyness dontcha think? 

They say ladies turn into their mothers but I'm turning into my sister

She's also made this new one which I also love so I'm guessing turquoise is my jam now. 

More fancyness

I'm also loving the maple wood series she's doing now. Particularly this rainbow necklace. To my boo: HINT HINT.

Anyway, you can buy her stuff here and check her out on Instagram (@Handmadebytsuyinn) to see all her new stuff. 

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