Thursday, 16 February 2017

Will you be my Valentine?

Soooo I'm a little late to post this... But happy belated V day for all you romantic folks out there.

Another event day photo series courtesy of @7braidstrong/ to commemorate Valentine's Day although I don't actually celebrate it. Okay, so just an excuse to take a couple of photos. I think we've reached some peak moodiness here. Love it!

So on this special day for lovers, let's talk about love, shall we?

I love a lot of things/people/experiences that exist at present in my life - clothes, shoes, dogs, exercise (it's a love-hate thing), great movies and music, my friends and family, so on and so forth, but there are a couple of things I absolutely would love to have but I sadly do not. The list below is not exhaustive (obviously) and it doesn't include things like "having all the money in the world" and "eating as much as I want without putting on any weight or getting a heart attack" because duh, plus those are too obvious:
  1. The ability to make my dog, Nacho poop on command. Instead, he has to take a really long time deciding on the right spot, and sniff and mark on everything, regardless of rain or shine. 
  2. You know those Transition lenses, those that change in different lighting conditions to protect your eyeballs from evil UV rays? It would be cool if I had transition lens eyeballs instead because I always forget my sunnies so self-adjusting eyeballs would be cool.
  3. It would be swell if I could just not drop anything for one frickin' day in my life. I could win an award for being a klutz, total butterfingers here.
  4. The magical skill of being able to make fruit the perfect stage of ripeness at the point at which I intend to consume it. Sames goes for making food that's gone soggy/laohong to be unsoggy/unlaohong. Food at the perfect stage is important to me. 
  5. I'd love to be able to sing and dance well. I cannot do both. It pains me deeply. Watching La La Land filled me with waves of unfulfilled desire for a talent that shall never be.
  6. How rad would it be if the body came with an internal alarm that notifies your brain when you're at the peak happy-fun alcoholic state so you know never to surpass it and thus avoid ever having to suffer the next day?
  7. I wish I had the power to have the basic synopsis (minus spoilers) for movies delivered to my brain via magic brain waves upon request.
  8. I would love if all the stuff in bottles (like makeup, conditioner, etc) would just not stick to the bottle. Like y'know towards the end, you'll be like squeezing that shiz out and tons of it just sticks to the side of the bottle? Yeah, if it would just not do that, that'd be swell. 
  9. My dream feet - the kind that never get blisters. No plasters/socks/apparatus needed. Just unblisterable feet. Yup, that's a word now.
  10. Self-cleaning makeup brushes. Actually, self-cleaning everything. I'm sick of chores!
Okay I've gotta stop here, this list could go on pretty much forever. Hope your would-love-list isn't as lengthy as mine. Here's to hoping that your would-love-list is far surpassed by the list of all the things in your life that you already have! 

Happy Valentine's Day lovers, thanks for reading!