Wednesday, 6 September 2017

New beginnings

A huge shout out to Samson, @7braidstrong for another fun shoot and for making me hang out in a random carpark/fake basketball court. It's always a dope time with him. Follow him on Insta and check out more of his work at

Anyway, this series of shots became all the more special because I'm using this post to bookmark a change in my life. Having worked in the same financial institution for over five years, I've decided to try something new and will be moving into a new industry - e-commerce! I'm excited by the tech space and I can't wait to be inspired by that whole start-up life.

Obviously I'm nervous too, it's a big change and I'm taking a big step out of my comfort zone but if not now, then when, am I right?

I actually felt a little melancholic when I made my intention to leave known, as it brought back many wonderful memories, getting to know so many people, and having so many great experiences.

Things I will miss include but are not limited to:
  • Proximity to acai bowls
  • The ease of simply hopping on a train to get some Tori Q
  • Free Nescafe coffee that coffee snobs would turn their nose up to, but that I've gotten very accustomed to
  • Free company exercise activities 
  • Egg tarts from Hong Lim Park
  • Full length mirrors in bathrooms with great natural lighting for when you wanna show your friend your outfit cos it's totally on point that day
Last but not least, my work friends! If you're reading this, keep fighting the good fight and soaring towards greater achievements. Thank you for all the guidance, care and advice over the years/months of knowing me. Working was made easier with you around and you will be deeply missed.

Anyway, onward ho! Thanks for reading! BIG HUGS!